Our Approach


Our approach is to not only identify what you're passionate about, but what you're good at and what will deliver the results you're looking for. 

Why CLE Start Up?


What sets "CLE Start Up" apart? We have absolutely no competitors. You won't find any company or organization that will help you bring your idea to life, from a thought in your head to someone checking out on your website. Not to mention, we don't only make sure you make money but that you're truly fulfilled at the end of the day. 

Our Team

Founder/Creator: Elijah F.


I've Written two best sellers, wrote directed and produced a national film, built multiple successful businesses from the ground up. My passion is business, so let me focus on yours so you can focus on your dream.

President/CEO: Lecah F.


I believe a successful business has great people at the heart of it. My job is to make sure we stay people focused, so we don't lose sight of what made us who we are today.

NefMarie (MUA)


With a passion for Makeup and beauty, My goal is to help women all across the world feel sexy and comfortable in their skin! There's nothing wrong with feeling beautiful on the inside and looking sexy on the outside. 

Jacobe Smith (Coach)


Success is relative & People are my passion! Nothing gets you closer to perfect than practice and planning. 

Makiah Franklin (Photographer)


There's nothing better than capturing the perfect moment. Unfortunately, a lot of people miss theirs. Let's make sure you don't miss yours.

Isaiha Fields (T.I.M.E.)


Music is an international language. I'm here to make sure everyone is heard. 

Haley Bogard (Founder W.I.S.)


The nature of a woman is to look after and care for any and everyone around her. In this process it's easy to miss looking after ourselves. 

David Armega (Producer/Recording Artist)


Creating art and making music with the sound, look & feel that it deserves. 

Andrew Lloyd (Ohio Entertainment)


Today we're learning, networking, building and educating, all through the avenue of entertainment. It's a part of the world we live in... you simply have to leverage it.